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Opening Plenary

Tuesday, November 8th

8:00 - 9:30 AM ET

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Session Information

You'll gain experience in digital and social media content production, moving image content production, post-production, experimental media making, sound design, podcasting, animation, graphic design, project management, pitching, user experience (UX) design, audience research and digital marketing.

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Alan Smith
Digital Media Solutions

Dr. Smith is CEO of Digital Media solutions in Manchester, New Hampshire. In this role, he provides executive leadership and strategic guidance in advancing SNHUs equity and social mobility agendas by leveraging existing offerings and new innovations to learners across the globe. He has committed his over three-decade career to influencing access, equity and opportunity by leading strategy, growth, policy and change initiatives in both U.S. higher education and non-profit sectors. He is a frequent speaker on change, innovation, and the future of higher education and was a featured speaker at TED 2021. His TED Talk garnered 1M views within the first six weeks of its release. Dr. Smith has a bachelor’s from the University of West Georgia. His wife and he have two adult children and a granddaughter.


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